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Babble, my bubble creation.
Here's a quick avatar I threw together for this account.  This is Babble, my precious creation.  He's a bubble, so his colors change largely based on his surroundings.  He tends to maintain a certain shade of blue in his body, however.  I've debated about letting his eyes change colors to match his current palette, though (as fun as that is) I'm fairly certain that I've discarded that idea.  His eyes are golden- which is symbolic!

Some of my experimental character designs.
The above features Babble (the bubble), Takai (the ponytailed kid in the jumper overalls), and Alex (the one with the bandana).  This is my first major time sitting down to design out Alex since making a major overhaul to his character, so his design is extremely experimental.  He has an array of bandanas in his wardrobe.  Takai's design is supposed to be somewhat effeminate due to lack of gender-role enforcing in the place where he was raised.  His design, while still not concrete, is much less apt to undergo any major changes.
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My name is Curious Elementalist and this account is to help improve my writing skills. I hope that it should some day serve me well.

"Babble", "Adventure Elementary", and "Minion Wars" are the 3 most important of my (currently unwritten) creations.

My Deviantart account:  luvkirby4ever
My art Tumblr:  CuriousElementalist


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